Dare Resurrection

Welcome To Life's Resurrection! A rebirth where your words are Law and your judgements are final. Every second is well spent and every decision is accepted. Moments are rapidly disappearing and the hour glass that is your life is reaching it's end. Looking back at the past, it was spent well and looking to the future it's uncertain. Looking at now, you are rational, adventurous, and alive. Medicority is for the masses and only time will tell if you are mediocre. Don't settle for a good life, but live an excellent life. Don't be average, but be better. Life's an action thriller where your the main character, don't let the audience down. You have nothing to loose as you are already dead! Everything you do now is a resurrection. A second shot to go after what you want.

Know Thyself

I am human meaning I am a great mystery that needs to be unraveled and is everchanging, yet the same. Like others of my kind, I face inner demons and take time for granted. Instant gratification and artificial dopamine stimuluses are the drugs of the 21st century to which we fall prey. It's hard to see the big picture when focusing on the little details and hard to see the little details focusing on the big picture. So, each day we must live with purpose knowing we are headed somewhere rather than drifting off to where the wind takes us. The only thing that stands of meaning is us. Living meaningfully is a conscious choice we must make for if we don't than we will always reach disappointment. We can run from reality, but can't run from ourselves. So, our inner world must be in harmony and not chaos. Externals that ruin that harmony is bad for our long term sustainability and conquering of ourselves. What externals cause the inner discord? Lust, ego, social gratifications, self-doubts,hopeless behaviours, intrusive thoughts, too many adapted rules, conforming to the norm, views of live, or our thoughts. How do we deal with it in a novel way? What are the tools you must develop to confront this conflicts of the pysche? How do we master our pysche, so we are no longer enslaved by it, but in love with it as if it were our children? We are the parents and we must experiement with our psyche to make sure it grows to be great when you no longer can actively control it. Life is a giant game where the excitement is disguides as fear, the darkness is funny, and anxiety is living. Laugh at your thoughts and don't take life too seriously.

Masterying Thyself

Conscious Mission


Sacrifice Vices: Internet, Phone, Apps, Computers, Imagination, Dopamine, Desires, Fairy Tails